SUBJECT :Buildings of the Month-October 2021 

Pritampura T V Tower - the colossal and tallest structure in Delhi, located at 28° 41' 50.6904'' N, 77° 9' 0.7488'' E was built to establish to support antennas for telecommunications and broadcasting, including television. It was designed by S. Ghosh & Associates along with architect Vasant Kamath to provide the appropriate and admirable structure, proportioned to equip the required functioning and equipment area of TV Tower. A revolving restaurant along with landscape scheme was proposed in the design but was not implemented due to security reasons. The Tower was dedicated to the Nation as Dr. B. R. Ambedkar TV Tower 10 April 1992 by the Minister for The State of Information & Broadcasting, Ajeet Kumar Panja. The tower can withstand the wind velocity upto 200 km/hr. and is earthquake resistant. The 235 m high TV tower consists of a 167 m high reinforced concrete shaft topped by a 68 m high-lattice steel aerial mast. The outstanding feature of the tower is the most attractive four-storied skypod located at a height of 147.5 m. The floor at 150.5 m, with a diameter of 13.1, serves as a microwave dish platform which will facilitate live telecasting from within a radius of 60 km. At present the structure is nonfunctional and has been reformed into one of the main tourist spots in Delhi.