SUBJECT :Building of the Month-May, 2021 


The mutlistoried three towered premises accounts over 1.7 lakh square feet area at business district of  Den Dayal Upadhya  Road, New Delhi. Nanadapurkar and Associates, Mumbai designed the BJP Headquarter’s building,. The various levels of the building is reckoned with special safety features and is enabled with modern high-tech communication tools along with wi-fi to establish proficient coordination with their counterparts in states and local levels in real time. In addition to the flexible and connecting working space, the headquarter is attributed with undergrounds parking, conference halls, media facilities, eateries, studios, library, reading and other facilities. The premises is enclosed with lush green spaces of native species. The three main entrance gates are for BJP’s senior officers, other workers and media persons. The front open space along with the waiting areas for public entrance are designed with double heighted lobby embellished with painting and mural templates sustaining architectural style of different regions with historical importance.

The natural lighting and effective ventilation system of the building justifies the green building norms, thus plummeting the load on electricity consumption. A digital screen on the façade will display the ongoing activities and achievements of BJP which will provide a reasonable and adequate communication with locals. The rooftop engrosses terrace garden, cafeteria, museum etc. producing an ambience of effective decision making and communication among the party workers. The slender columnar structure of the building makes the façade delicate and flamboyant.