HIMURJA – Himachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency, Shimla (Himachal Pradesh)



Himurja is known for its intensive efforts in promoting and installing various renewable energy projects/ programmes throughout the state with financial support from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and state government. The Himurja office building retrofitted by active and passive solar interventions is an eco-building sustaining in cold and cloudy climate of Shimla. Architect Arvind Krishan and Kunal Jha have integrated the following features that have proved it to be an energy efficient green building:


·    The  plan  and  orientation  of  building,  double  glazing  windows,  solarium,  and  air  heating  panels promotes the maximum heat gain in the building.

·    Day light is achieved through integration of windows and light shelves. The latter reflects off the light

into the deep plan of the building via a ceiling profile with efficient reflectivity.

·    Insulation by glass wool on RCC (reinforced cement concrete) diaphragm walls reduces the heat loss from the system.

·    Distribution  of  heat  gain  and  ventilation  is  enabled  by  the  connective  loops  coupled  with  solar chimneys on the roof.

·    The photovoltaic system of 1.5 kWp meets the energy demand for lighting whenever it is  required.

·    The water heated by the roof mounted solar water system is circulated through radiators for space heating of the building.


The thermal optimization of the building even in the coldest month, have enabled it to be described as zero

energy consuming' building







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