ABAD Nucleus Mall, Kochi  - January, 2016


Nucleus Mall sited in Maradu, a suburb of Kochi covers 2.3 lakhs sqft area. This environment efficient building is the first LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Gold rated certified by the Indian Green Building Council in Kerala. To reduce the environment exploitation, ABAD has emphasized on green practices in designing, planning and constructing the required structure. Following attributes make it to a one stop solution towards environment deterioration:

1.   Located in close proximity to public transportation thereby reducing the transportation pollution and strain on local infrastructure.

2.    100% onsite wastewater treatment and reuse of treated water for landscaping, cooling tower makeup etc.

3.   Minimize water usage by installing water efficient fixtures that include low flow dual flush toilets, sensor based urinals and other low flow fixtures.  This reduces water consumption by over 51.79%.

4.   The refrigerants used in the air conditioning system are environmental friendly and have very low ozone depleting and global warming potential.

5.     Energy efficiency measures include high performance glazing, insulated roof, high COP (coefficient of performance) water cooled chillers, use of variable frequency drives for secondary pumps and Air Handling Units (AHUs), Heat Recovery wheels to pre-cool fresh air and reduce air-conditioning loads while maintaining superior air quality and energy efficient lighting fixtures including T5 and LED (Light emitting diode) fixtures to conserve energy as much as possible.

6.   All the recyclable materials collected at the mall are segregated and then recycled to local recycling agents in an effort to reduce waste and thereby diverting them from landfills.

7.     The project has ensured up to 95.22% of total construction waste of debris has been recycled or reused thereby diverting them from landfills.

8.   Low VOC (Volatile organic compounds) and low emitting adhesives, paints and carpets have been used to enhance the indoor environment and provide superior workplace for all employees.

9.    About 65% of the total material cost was manufactured and extracted regionally thereby reducing the pollution due to transportation.

ABAD Nucleus mall has won the prestigious Realty Plus Excellence Award 2012, in the category “Environment Friendly Project of the Year – Commercial” for its recognition in green contribution.