(SHANTIVAN Mt. Abu, Rajasthan)

SHANTIVAN COMPLEX, GYAN SAROVAR COMPLEX and MADHUBAN campuses. The Solar Kitchen of Shantivan has broken new ground in exploiting the Solar Energy to accomplish the required needs. Built in 1988, is spread across 700 acres in Shantivan which distant 18 km from Mount Abu, Rajasthan. The kitchen and the roof have been designed and conceptualized by a Switzerland based Wolfgang Scheffler, along with Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU’s) renewable energy department. It incorporates the following environmentally sustainable features: 

·    The roof consists of 84 parabolic concentrators shaped in a huge disc with reflecting concave mirrors. The dimension of every disc is 96 m² and has 520 pieces of special white glass imported from Germany. Each white glass of 165 x 200 mm size has an optical reflection rate close to 93%.

·    Rotating supported dishes are arranged alternatively in higher and lower positioned order for efficient reflections on the receivers which temperature reaches up to 500ºC at its focal point. These receivers are made up of high grade steel and are situated three meters from the centre of the concentrators.

·     These receivers are attached to pipes running along the row of concentrators. The temperature of the receiver heats the water inside the pipes and steam is generated. This steam travels through insulated pipes to the kitchen. The cooking vessels have perforation at their base to facilitate entry of the stream.

·   This Solar holistic system is capable of producing 35,000 meals per day. It has been running successfully for the past seven years, generates 3500 Kg of steam per day for preparing food and drinks. Around 50 kg of rice can be cooked within 12 minutes.

·      It saves around 200 litres of diesel and 1.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions in a day. The kitchen also saves 184 kg of LPG every day.

 “Promotion of clean energy is one of the guiding principles of the spiritual university in striving for a sustainable future,” says Joachim Golo Pilz Director, of Solar Research Institute, World Renewal Spiritual Trust Shantivan Campus,