To preserve and retain the authenticity of the environment and human values, Baru Sahib in Himachal Pradesh has been in harnessing solar energy and has set a low carbon footprints profile.

Baru Sahib - a rural area spread over 400 acres in Rajgarh, Distt Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh is an educational platform which nurtures and enhance the subtlest way of learning and practicing modern scientific education with spirituality. This place holds Akal academy, Eternal University, Charitable hospital, orphanage, old age homage and home for widows and destitute women run by The Kalgidhar Trust and society which is a nonprofit charitable organization.

The green pledge to setup a solar village taken by Baru Sahib has emphasized the need to live pollution free, save grid electricity and fossil fuels which will be otherwise required to run machines.

At Baru Sahib, the solar water heating systems include systems with flat solar panels and evacuated tube collectors. The other uses are solar cookers and both the dish type and the Scheffler type of solar concentrators have been installed at Baru Sahib, for purposes like community cooking. The third use is for lighting purposes and solar PV panels have been installed here to fulfill domestic lighting needs.

It has also installed and efficiently managed the waste treatment plant for the proper disposal of the waste generated by different sources.  Another initiative, tree-plantation has also been taken up by the students in all Akal Academies on a large scale.  

‘Sant Attar Singh ji’ ( founder) not only imparts value based modern education but has gone a long way in proving their quote, “It’s Very Easy to Teach, We Practice What we Preach”; and have taken commendable initiatives to ‘Go Green’.

Thus the eco sustainable drive is already being imbibed by the education system of Baru Sahib giving rise to Eco- Sikhs.