NECTAR (North East Centre for Technology Application and Reach) Office, Shillong   

A proposed State – of - Art Green Building.


NECTAR is an autonomous society, set up under Department of Science & Technology, Government of India with it’s headquarter at Shillong, Meghalaya. It aims to infuse, build and sustain a forum of productive applications of technology and dissipating among core users like people, communities and end users technology applications that remain unavailable to them. The intentions are to serve public good; create livelihoods and employment, particularly among the poor and disadvantaged communities; that promote equitable economic growth; improve productivity in all areas; promote efficient and effective use of local and natural resources; contribute to safety and a cleaner environment and are socially desirable.

The Govt. of Meghalaya has allotted 5 acres plot in New Shillong for building NECTAR’s office. It is proposed to construct this as a joint office of the Meghalaya Basin Development Authority (MBDA) and NECTAR. The basic and underlying concept is to build an office building which uses State-of-the-Art technology along with some of the traditional building material in a modern framework and has a high green footprint.

High spot of the project are:

· Compliant with the Green Building norms

· Use as much of local and natural resources as possible

· Necessary safety precautions as per seismic zone V to be taken (While the seismic analysis is being done in-house, the structural design & strength has been verified by Assam Engineering College)

· The tradition - The North Eastern states and Meghalaya have a tradition of what are popularly known as “Assam type buildings” which use bamboo as the structuring material and subsequent Plastering.

· Unique Jointing technology

· With integration of appropriate modern technology inputs wherever feasible and desirable.

· Water harvesting

· Solar energy

· Temperature control both hot and cold will be done through circulatory water system.

· In order to conserve energy, it is proposed to install LED lighting and specialized windows which will reduce temperature loss and sound in the building.

· Meghalaya Urban Development Authority has approved the building plans.

NECTAR has identified and supported a unique jointing technology pioneered and patented by M/s Bambutech Arunachal Pvt. Ltd in its original avatar of National Mission on Bamboo Applications. The company uses local bamboo and local human resources along with the unique jointing technology to promote and implement the project for buildings and structures using bamboo as a main structural material.

As this is generating local employment, it is also incorporated to take up interns both skilled technical people as well as engineers, to work on this technology and thereby build a capacity for its propagation. 
The activity is duly approved by Executive Council and Governing Council of NECTAR.

The primary aim of NECTAR, as per its Memorandum of Association is:

"NECTAR would promote deployment of carefully selected technologies, emanating from the public funded research institutions under the Government of India and State Governments, in consultation with the respective State Governments, after assessing their application potentials."