International Centre for Environmental Audit and Sustainable Development (iCED), JAIPUR

The International Centre for Environmental Audit & Sustainable Development (ICED) at Jaipur was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Vice President of India in May 2013. It’s the first government building in the country with a five-star green rating (GRIHA).  The training facility at iCED seeks to harness India’s expertise in conducting over 100 environment audits in the last 20 years. Spread over 16 acres, its facilities include two Training halls, 2 smaller Meeting Rooms, an Auditorium, a Demonstration Laboratory and a Library. The hostel can accommodate 60 trainees at any given point of time. The ‘Energy Conservation Building Code 2006’ norms have been applied for energy efficient design and construction. 

The iCED hosts following green features leading  to low carbon footprint of the  building resulting in  environment conservation:

·         Use of local materials like red sandstone and marble from local quarries and fly ash bricks has cut down the pollution and transportation costs during construction.

·         Natural lighting has been used to lower consumption of power; use of control devices is used to further lower the lighting levels automatically during daytime. In addition use of LED and efficient lightening has contributed to the building green attributes.

·         Solar Panels have been used for outdoor lighting and heating water.

·         It has rain harvesting system and a self-contained solid waste management system.

·         Geothermal cooling has been used by introducing an alternate cooling system which can recycle cool air from below the earth’s surface (below 4 meters) into the building complexes. This coupled with solar chimneys reduces the dependence on air conditioners.

It is “a green building with many green features,” Ms. Rebecca Mathai (principal director of iCED ) says. “We have in our mandate training, research and advocacy. iCEd has also been recognized as the Global Training Facility of the INTOSAI,” she adds.