Mainetti india Private limited - Chennai


Mainetti India Pvt. Ltd is the first platinum rated green factory in India. It is the world’s second largest manufacturer of Designer Hangers, and  is located in Sriperumbudur on the outer edge of Chennai. It is spread over 10 acres and has more than 12,000 sq.mts of built up area.  Good environmental practice has always been a prime consideration in Mainetti’s development leading them to implement safe, clean and eco- sustaining technologies. 

 The factory saves 65% of energy with a payback period of 6 months. Following details the measures taken to achieve such impressive saving. 

·         Low U-value glass and High SRI Reflective Roof with PUF insulation to reduce heat ingress and minimize HVAC loads – factory area can be maintained at 5° C below outside temperature without consuming any energy

·          HVAC (at least 11 air changes per hour required to avoid increase in concentration of carbon dioxide) uses energy recovery wheels, saving 70% in energy consumption

·         High efficiency CFL lighting

·         Continuous monitoring of energy consumption through metering at all important junctions

·         Low flow plumbing fixtures and waterless urinals using active bio-blocks leading to savings of up to 125,000 litres of water per urinal per year which in turns saves on the size of the Sewage Treatment Plant

·          Natural vegetation using drought resistant species, and use of pressure controlled drip irrigation to save on water

·         100% rainwater harvesting, 100% water recycling, and a deep well aquifer recharge which is the first of its kind for a factory in India

·          Factory designed to optimise natural ventilation by orienting the building towards natural wind flow direction

·          All materials were locally sourced.

·         Do not use artificial lighting during the day, and uses only natural ventilation for man cooling. 

Mr. G Balachander from Ecologikol Advisors and consultant of Mainetti Green Factory explained the need for environment-friendly initiatives in order to provide a good return on investment, and pointed that the cost of green products has considerably reduced over the last few years, making a green building cost only about 5% more than a conventional building depending on its design.