Infinity Benchmark

Infinity Benchmark is a 20 storied, 71.64 m high building covering 5, 60,000 sq. feet area is located in Salt Lake City, Kolkata. It’s a vector in fabricating infrastructural solutions for IT or ITES industries. The building features and environmental specifications have been certified as world’s 7th Platinum level by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) under their LEED Rating Programme. 

Agarwal and Agarwal Architects lay emphasis in inculcating optimization of resources, innovative solutions, and protection  and up gradation of environment forming an inbuilt component in all its architectural designs. Following aspects of the building projects the architectural ingenuity combining environmental values with futuristic outlook to attain a green pace work performance. 

  1. Indoor air quality maintained by CO2 monitoring sensors, intelligent humidification controls.
  2. Water conservation by rainwater harvesting, water efficient flush & flow system and waste water recycling system.
  3. Energy-efficient equipment and design are undertaken for minimizing energy load.
  4. Terrace garden on the roof top reduces heat island effect.
  5. For better insulation external walls made of brick wall block with thick polystyrene insulation and ACP cladding. Roof has under deck thick polyurethane foam.
  6. Double glaze glass unit increase energy efficiency, less heat ingress of building.
  7. Cost effective and environment friendly means for commuting to work via electric cars for which charging points are installed.
  8. Use of low organic volatile paints, adhesive, sealants and materials to maintain healthy environment.
  9. Use of construction materials having 20% recycled material and 20% locally available.
  10. Segregation and storage of waste for waste volume reduction to landfills and to facilitate recycling. 

Infinity Benchmark bagged scores of prestigious awards and accolades namely Global CSR award, Public Relation Society of Indian National Awards, Gold certificate IGBC, Green Entrepreneurial Initiative Award, Converging World Excellence Award and many others for grounding Kolkata on the green world map.