Infosys Software Development Block 2 Thiruvananthapuram.


Infosys is an IT global leader dealing in consulting, technology and outsourcing solutions. The organization has acknowledged the responsibility towards environment sustainability in the realm for design, construction and operation & maintenance of high performance green building.

It has taken strides for last five years towards its green initiatives operations.  The later includes to reduce the per capita electricity consumption by 50 % and also to source all the electricity need from renewable resources. As a consequence, between 2007-2013, Infosys has reduced its per capita electricity consumption by 40%. The company’s per capita water consumption and green house gases emissions declined by 34 % and 15.3% respectively during same period. The Eco club of Infosys encourages their employees to endorse green practice in daily schedule for attaining the required aim.

Infosys SD Block 2 is software development department located in the Special Zone of the Infosys Techno park campus in Thiruvananthapuram, India. It has been awarded ‘Platinum’ rated green building by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). It is the fifth Infosys building to receive this prestigious award.  Following are the key features for attaining the highest rated LEED level.

  • Water Efficiency: The building has reduced water usage by 55% due to efficient plumbing fixtures and recycled waste water.
  • Energy Efficiency: Building’s 50% electricity is sourced from off-site renewable resources. An efficient building envelope, energy efficient lightening and Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning System (HVAC) helps this building exceed the Global American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards by 36%.
  • Efficient use of material and resources: More than 14% of the building materials used is recycled. This includes cement, steel, aluminum, medium density fiberboard, glass, gypsum and carpeting. 20% of the total construction material was manufactured indigenously, which reduced pollution from long- haul transportation.
Infosys in passionate green participation - Vice President Ramadas Kamanth, quotes:

‘While development is important to a sustainable future, it is imperative that we actively endeavor to reduce our environment footprints. At Infosys we are aware of environment resource utilization and we strongly believe in reduce, recycle and reuse.’

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