ITC’s Hotel Royal Gardenia


ITC’s Hotel Royal Gardenia the first Indian hotel conferred as the world’s largest LEED Platinum rated Green Building. Situated in the City of Gardens – Bengaluru, the building is designed by the renowned architect Rajinder Kumar. It is a confluence of Responsible Luxury and the contemporary Green Practices. The architect has utilized the green technologies in its system like water cycling, energy and waste management along with eco friendly material in architecture and décor to serve the best of natural and manmade comfort to the traveler.   The interior designer Francesca Basu has manifested essentials of nature and its biodiversity through the theme, color, texture and motifs adopted in different sections of the hotel. It is paradigm of environmental stewardship which claims it to be carbon neutral, water and waste recycling positive. Following are the practices executed by hotel to address the environment sustainability.

  • ITC have built a remote wind farm that supplies renewable electricity for the hotel.
  • Efficient centralized cooling system making use of the recycled water.
  • Solar concentrators for hotel are used in cooking needs.
  • Rainwater Harvesting and Grey water recycling system used to flush toilets, feed cooling towers and irrigation of landscaping saves 40% water consumption.
  • Black water treatment onsite.
  • Using eco friendly material like fly ash bricks, double sandwich cladding glass etc in the structure.
  • Positive steps to employ disabled staff and promote increased opportunities for disabled in hospitality industry.
  • Operate a range of outreach programmes to schools and other in promoting environment practices. 

To maintain the accreditation the building operations goes for annual audit for sustaining its optimum performance. The hotel has also received The Confederation of Indian Industries National ‘Excellence in Energy Award’ in 2012 has aspired to be an eco-exemplar in Indian context. 

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