SUBJECT : Study The Landuse Pattern Of The Collage And Answer The Following Questions 

Question 1: Define Land Use.
Question 2: Which Land Use category is shown below?

  1. Industrial Land Use
  2. Forest Land Use
  3. Agriculture Land Use

Question 3: Name the Land Use category shown below.

Question 4: Locate and name the different sources of river pollution in ascending order.

Question 5: Name the Land Use which is naturally conserve wildlife and their habitat.

Question 6: Which of the following is degraded Land Use?

Question 7:  the colour in the box indicates which of the following correct conditions of the river?

  1. High oxygen content and rich in water diversity.
  2. Highly polluted and contaminated from different pollution sources located downstream.
  3. High in Biological Oxygen Demand and Fecal coliform.

Question 8: Which of the following chain of activities lead to biodiversity loss?

Question 9: The garbage generated from the town is dumped in landfill as shown in the collage. Show a flowchart of this process causing river water pollution.