SUBJECT : Indian Rivers and Settlement Quiz 


Study the Indian Rivers Map and answer the below mentioned questions

Question 1. Name the major rivers of India. 

Question 2. Name the three main mountains/ hill systems from where the major rivers of India originates. 

Question 3. Name the main rivers of Peninsular India along with their respective number as indicated on map. 

Question 4. Which river is marked as ‘I’ on the map? Name its main tributaries. 

Question 5. A river originates from Mansarover Lake and passes through Guwahati and Dibrugarh cities. Name the river and its number indicated on the map.  

Question 6. River marked as ‘IX’ on the map supports the irrigated agriculture of South India. Name the river and city marked as ‘IX-2’ on the river.

Question 7. Which is the longest river in India?  What’s it number on the map? Name the states in its direction of flow. What is the total length of river? 

Question 8. Name the river and its number on map which flows through Maharashtra, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Name two cities and its city number from Maharashtra state that lie on or near the bank of this river. 

Question 9. Name the River that ends in Bay of Bengal and is indicated by no. ‘V’ on map. Name the cities marked as ‘V-2‘and ‘V-4’ on the map, through which the river flows?  Name the longest major earthen dam in Asia (25.8m) which stands across this river. 

Question 10. What is the number of river that flows through one state?  Name the river, state and its capital.

Question 11. Which river is indicated by no. ‘VI’? Name any one city and its city number, which is situated on or near its river bank.

Question 12. Name the ‘IV’ no. river and the state through which it flows.

Question 13. _____________ is one of the most polluted rivers, which flows through Delhi and has water quality of ‘category –E’. Name the states and any two cities through which it flows.

Question 14. Name the city in which Ganga and Yamuna Rivers confluence.

Question 15. Name five cities along with its number located on/ near Ganga River.

Question 16. State true or false

                    a) Leh city marked as ‘I- 1’on map, lies near Indus River.

                    b) Vijaywada lies in Telangana and is indicated by no. ‘VII- 4’ on map.

                    c) Godavari passes through Nasik – Aurangabad- Nizamabad – Warangal along its direction of flow.

Question 17. Name the cities of all rivers indicated by no. ‘1’ on the map. Mention their respective city number. 

Question 18. What are three main anthropogenic sources of polluting Yamuna water?  From which place Yamuna is considered as "sewage drain" with biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) values ranging from 14 to 28 mg/l and high coliform content?