V(a)Household Industry

Is an industry conducted by the household himself/herself and or members of the household at home or within the village in rural areas and only within the precincts of the house where the household lived in urban areas. A household industry is one that is engaged in production, processing, servicing, repairing or making and selling(but not merely selling) of goods.

Ventilation Coefficient

 Ventilation Coefficient - It is defined as a product of mixing height and average wind speed.


Is an inhabited place larger than a hamlet and smaller than a town, having a primary means of production, cohesive community, simple organisation and elementary level of amenities facilities and services

Volatile organic compound:

 Volatile organic compound:

An organic compound (meaning a chemical combination of carbon and other elements, whether natural or manmade) which is volatile, meaning it readily produces vapors at room temperature. Many VOCs react in the atmosphere with nitrogen oxides in the presence of heat and sunlight to form ozone. Methane and other compounds determined by EPA to have negligible photochemical reactivity are excluded from the EPA definition of VOCs. Examples of VOCs include gasoline fumes and solvents from oil-based paints.