Tactical urbanism


 Similar to a tac munt (see: tactical spew), it involves a small-scale, temporary intervention for the greater good.

Technological DevelopmentIt is the improvement and application in technical process that increase the productivity of machine and eliminate the manual operation done by the order or absolute machines.


Terminating vista


Super important buildings that stand at the end of a road, so you can’t escape the view.

Time Mean Speed

It is the average of the speed measurements at one point in space over a period of time.



The configuration of a (land) surface including its relief and the position of its natural and man made features

Tot lot

The green areas which are integrated in a residential development with a view to provide safe and supervised play area for 4 year age group.

Total Environmental Value

 It is a function of Primary value and total economic value.

Traffic Volume

It is the actual number of vehicles observed or predicted to be passing a point during a given time interval.


Transit Oriented Development

Transit Oriented DevelopmentTransit Oriented Development is a compact & integrated development, which should be incorporated in Compact Cities. It is defined as, “any development, macro or micro that is focused around a transit node, and facilitates and complete ease of access to the transit facility, thereby inducing people to prefer to walk and use public transportation over personal modes of transport.


Woody plant with a spreading crown, whose single trunk exceeds diameter of 15cm and attains a height of more than 4m.



A one -way movement between a point of origin and a point of destination.


Type of structure Pucca

A pucca structure is one whose walls and roofs are at least made of pucca materials such as cement , concrete, oven burnt bricks, stone and stone blocks, junk board, titles, timber, galvanized or corrugated iron sheets, asbestos, cement sheets etc.