Animals and vegetable waste resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking and serving of foods. It does not include food waste from industrial processing


Gated Community

 A residential area with defensive measures such as gates, fences and security guards to exclude social groups deemed undesirable.


 The process of neighborhood upgrading by relatively affluent incomers who move into a poorer neighborhood in sufficient numbers to displace lower-income groups and transform its social identity.

Green belt

  A policy used in urban planning to retain a “belt” of the natural environment around urban areas, because if there’s still a tiny strip of green we can keep pretending we’re not destroying the Earth

Green House Effect

The condition in which the earth's average global temperature is normally higher than predicated by radiation laws by virtue of the presence of capable of absorbing outgoing long-wave radiation.


Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure is strategically planned and managed networks of natural lands, working landscapes and other open spaces that conserve ecosystem values and functions and provide associated benefits to human populations.

Green Time

The length of the green phase plus its change intervals in seconds (in a traffic signal)


Greenfield land

 The opposite of Brownfield land: land that is untouched and pristine.

Greyfield land

 Buildings or real estate land that is economically useless, such as “dead malls” with seas of empty asphalt around them.  

Grid plan

 Pretty obvious what this means. A plan in the shape of a grid.

Gross density It includes any kind of land utilisation, residential, circulation, public facilities etc.

Gross Residential Density

Residential density is calculated by taking the total resident population over the entire land area of a residential zone including all roads, parks/ playgrounds, educational institutions, facilities areas etc.

Group Housing

A premise of size not less than 4000 sqm comprising of residential flats with basic amenities like parking, park, convenience shops, public utilities etc.

Growth Centres

These are small towns or larger villages that have the potential of becoming nuclei for the future economic, social and political development of the surrounding areas.