Delhi Master Plan 2041: Planned commercialisation in residential areas

Delhi: 10 June, 2021 (Times of India)


NEW DELHI: In an important new clause that is part of the development control norms of the draft Master Plan for Delhi 2041, no new notifications will now be permitted as "mixed-use streets" or "commercial streets".
As per the draft MPD 2041, non-residential uses within residential areas shall be permitted as per provisions given in the development control norms. A senior Delhi Development Authority (DDA) official said that earlier, the mixed land use was allowed in 18 metres Right of Way (RoW) width roads and the limit had now been raised to 24 metres roads.
"This will ensure limited penetration of commercialisation in residential areas. While mixed use would be allowed as per norms on roads that are at least 24 metres, now entire streets would not be notified as mixed-use or commercial," he said. "Earlier, streets with 70% or more commercialisation were notified as commercial, which usually leads to commercialisation of the remaining residential part too."

While there are no drastic changes for allowing vertical growth in the city, several development control norms have been modified in draft MPD-2041 to improve the living standards. "Vertical mixing" of compatible land uses has been introduced in the MPD-2041. This will allow different but compatible use of the same building, such as a coaching centre on ground floor, offices on first and hostel on upper floors.

Public uses such as libraries, book stores, retail, post offices, etc, would have to be placed on lower floors with easy access from the street. "This will help to create facilities in areas where adequate land is not available," the document states.
Another new feature is "Transferable Development Right" (TDR), which means the FAR provided in exchange of unutilised development rights on specific sites as permitted by the master plan. TDR shall only be awarded where land right is forfeited for a public purpose. Additional FAR will be provided in case of vertical greening, the official said.

Senior officials say that a majority of FAR and developmental norms remain unchanged and the present MPD is an extension of norms introduced in MPD-2021.

Local bodies and market welfare associations shall prepare plans for improving traffic management, parking and public spaces along existing mixed-use streets, the document states.