STPs to augment wastewater treatment: Delhi Jal Board

Delhi: 5 Sept, 2021 (Times of India)


NEW DELHI: Construction of a sewage treatment plant (STP) in east Delhi’s Mayur Vihar Extension led to protests last month, but the city will need several such plants to meet the increasing demand. In the next three years, many decentralised sewage treatment plants will be built to augment the wastewater treatment capacity in Delhi. A DJB report stated that 56 STPs would be built in the next three years to treat 92MGD of sewage.
It is estimated that by 2041, Delhi will need to treat 1,200MGD wastewater against the current installed capacity of 597MGD. Besides upgrading the existing plants, DJB plans to set up new plants at Sonia Vihar, Rohini, Delhi Gate, Mori Gate and Barapullah.

Delhi gets a daily supply of 935MGD water, from which nearly 80% wastewater is generated, an official said. While the city generates 748MGD wastewater every day, the present sewage treatment capacity is 597MGD.

“There is a shortage of around 150MGD wastewater treatment capacity, which needs to be plugged, while progressively increasing the capacity to meet the future needs,” the official said. Delhi’s 79% area is sewered through sewage lines running to 8,800km.
According to the draft MPD 2041, Delhi will have an estimated population of 30 million and a demand of 1,500MGD water supply, which will lead to generation of 1,200MGD sewage.

According to DJB’s plan, the land pooling areas will use a combination of zero liquid discharge systems and decentralised STPs (DSTPs), which will cover 240MGD sewage, while 110MGD will be met by rehabilitation of the existing plants under Yamuna Action Plan, National Mission to Clean Ganga NMCG and AMRUT schemes.

DJB also plans to develop 56 DSTPs across the capital with a combined capacity of 92MGD. “DDA has notified the policy for land allocation for these DSTPs recently. Land will be required at 73 locations, of which 10 are already available with DJB. For the remaining 63 locations, land will have to be made available by DDA, gram sabha land and land and building department,” the official said.

In case of five new STPs that will be built, a consultant has been appointed and a tender document is under preparation for Sonia Vihar 7MGD plant. Estimates are being prepared for 25MGD Rohini plant the allotment of land is awaited in case of 10MGD Dilli Gate, 10MGD Mori Gate and 20MGD Barapulla plant.