Smart Way Out Of Karol Bagh Mess?

Delhi: 14 Sep, 2021 (Times of India)

Various sites in Karol Bagh, including four multilevel parking lots, can accommodate 2,380 cars.

New Delhi: To establish a systematic and integrated parking system in Karol Bagh, North Delhi Municipal Corporation plans to develop a user-friendly and smart IT-enabled parking system with a mobile application. Currently, such a system is available only in New Delhi Municipal Council areas.The project will be part of the parking area management plan for Karol Bagh, which was drafted in 2020 after Ajmal Khan Road was pedestrianised in May 2019. It involves design, development, implementation, operation and maintenance of parking lots through a single concessionaire, unlike current multiple players.
“Often there have been complaints of mismanagement such as parking beyond permissible limits and haphazard parking. To avoid such problems and reduce congestion, we want to allocate all sites to one concessionaire,” said Sanjay Goel, commissioner of the north corporation. The service provider will initially be appointed for five years, which may be extended for another two years.

Various sites in Karol Bagh, including four multilevel parking lots, can accommodate 2,380 cars. Last week, the corporation conducted a joint field survey with Indian Railway Station Development Corporation (IRSDC), said an official. “If IRSDC agrees and we get approval from the deliberative wing, it will also develop facilities on Ajmal Khan Road and peripheral roads. We are also coordinating with residents welfare associations for provision of one parking per household,” Goel added.

The corporation has placed a request for proposal (RFP) before the standing committee. “We are trying to engage a government organisation or a PSU for the project after the House approval. Otherwise, we will invite tenders,” said an official.
The project will include marking parking/non-parking areas, installing smart equipment with handheld devices, boom barriers, RFID and parking management of four- and two-wheelers, trucks, public transport and pick-up vehicles.

The proposal also covers real-time monitoring through CCTV cameras, update of entries and exits, checking availability of slots through the app, and flexibility of tariff for peak and non-peak hours. “Data will be transferred to a central control room and will be analysed for understanding consumer behaviour and parking demand and supply,” said an official.

For cars, the corporation has proposed an on-street fee of Rs 40 for the first hour and a 50% increase after every half an hour, and Rs 20 per hour and then an hourly increase for off-street facilities. For two-wheelers, the rates are Rs 20 per hour on-street and Rs 10 per hour off-street.

The proposal also includes towing charges for violation — Rs 1,000 for four- and three-wheelers, Rs 500 for two-wheelers and Rs 2,000 for buses, trucks and matadors. “The project will allow the concessionaire to lift vehicles parked at no-parking zones and the challan amount will be shared in a certain proportion,” said Himanshu Gupta, deputy commissioner of the Karol Bagh zone.