DDA plans round-II to make E Delhi lake recreation hub

Delhi : 10 April, 2021 (Times of India) 

New Delhi: Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is trying to transform Sanjay Lake near Mayur Vihar into one of the biggest recreational hubs of east Delhi. Several new attractions, including a garden with 1,300 plants of 22 varities of cacti, have been planned for the area.
DDA has been carrying out the ecological restoration of the man-made lake that is located amid 170 acres of greenery, one of the bigger green areas in east Delhi. As part of Phase I of the project, an amphitheatre, a walking trail and cycling tracks have come up. Phase II will cover a much larger area and offer many more attractions like lake view plazas, food courts, observation deck, meditation garden, open gym, play area for children, duck house, artist court, sculpture court, craft hut, etc.
The work for the cactus garden will be awarded soon, said officials. It is expected to take around two months’ time and cost around Rs 4.5 lakh.

The authority has earlier developed a cactus garden in the district park of Vasant Kunj Sector-B. “Diversity depending on the locality is important and specific parks elicit visitors’ interest,” said Rajeev Kumar Tiwari, DDA’s principal commissioner, horticulture.

“In Dwarka, we have planted more than 40 varieties of bougainvillea and on its own, it is very interesting. When water is scarce, bougainvillea requires less water and looks beautiful too. It is the same with cacti, which has so many varieties,” Tiwari said, adding that it will also be a learning experience for DDA’s horticulture department. “Sanjay Lake has one of our bigger parks and this is a way of diversifying and increasing variety,” he said.

An official said that while Sanjay Lake has always been a popular location attracting visitors thanks to the presence of the waterbody, greenery and the ducks. However, DDA is now trying to improve the entire area, so that it becomes one of the best recreational areas in the city, specially in east Delhi.