Streetlights ‘stolen’ three months ago, Sector 28 roads left in the dark

Delhi: 9 Feb, 2021 (Times of India)

New Delhi: Residents of Sector 28 have expressed concern about the lack of streetlights on roads in the vicinity. They alleged the lights were stolen from the poles in the sector around three months ago, and since then, major streets in the area have been unlit at night. This has left thousands of people in the sector exposed to accidents and crimes like theft, snatching and harassment, according to residents.
They added that many complaints have been filed with the authorities concerned, but to no avail. Harsh Jaidka, the president of Sector 28 Residents Welfare Society, said: "Some of the major streets in the sector are poorly lit. There is an urgent need to instal streetlights. The main sector roads are used not just by us, but also people in nearby residential societies and villages."
Jaidka added, "In the absence of streetlights, we are facing a lot of inconvenience. Commuting at night is dangerous in the sector. We have requested that the authorities install high-mast lights in the sector to ensure safety of all, but there has been no development in the matter."

Residents said many of them, especially women and senior citizens, hesitate to step out in the evening hours. "There is always a fear of danger lurking around the corner as there are no streetlights, which is a basic need for a secure area. I have avoided going out for evening walks as we have often seen anti-social elements park their vehicles on the road and consume alcohol in the open," said Sadhna Gupta, a resident.

The Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) is responsible for maintenance of streetlights in the area. "But whenever we complain to MCG, all we get is a routine reply that they can only repair defunct lights and can’t do much about replacing stolen lights. It would

be better if they could provide streetlights as this would act as a deterrence to crime and people would feel safe in their neighborhood," said Prakash Dudeja, another resident.

Meanwhile, MCG joint commissioner Hariom Atri said they have ordered lights for the area. "There was a shortage of streetlights. After conducting a survey, we have placed an order of 17,000 streetlights, which are expected to be delivered in a week. We will initiate the installation work very soon," he said.