Govt to allow cycling on more roads to ease commuting woes

Kolkata: 9 June, 2020 (Times of India)

Kolkata: Chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday decided to allow more roads for cyclists in Kolkata. The CM has asked Kolkata Police to check the feasibility to make sure it does not lead to accidents.
The CM said that people who are using cycles to reach work should be careful and should avoid main roads since state and private buses have started plying.
Even though thousands of state buses are plying, many are preferring bicycles to maintain social distancing and that is why the CM felt that smaller roads, which are connected with the main roads can be used by the cyclists.

She said, “I have asked police to find out the roads which can be used by cyclists that will not lead to accidents. I cannot give any guarantee that there will be no accidents. I don’t want accidents. The cyclists have to ride safely and be cautious .”

On Monday evening, each Kolkata Police traffic guard OCs were asked to provide a list of roads, which can be taken out of the purview of the earlier notification that was passed six years ago.

“The problem with the existing policy is that while one road has been reserved, the connecting one has been reserved against cycling. No cyclist thus can reach central Kolkata and Sector V where most offices are located. ,” explained an ACP.

“Given that most of the cyclists are coming from North 24 Parganas and Howrah and from the southern suburbs, we can try and dedicate a lane on alternate flanks during morning and evening for them. Similarly, there is a possibility that we can bring down the restricted roads to anywhere down to 40 to 50 from the present 62. ,” explained an officer.