City saw 2019’s worst traffic jam on Sept 9

Mumbai: 30 Jan, 2020 (Times of India)

Mumbai/Delhi:Mumbai witnessed its worst traffic jam on September 9, while in Pune, August 2 was the worst day for commuters on roads. In the case of Bengaluru, August 20 saw maximum traffic congestion.

The index also shows that travelling in Mumbai after 8pm on Fridays could save up to 4 hours a year for a 30-minute commute while those moving in Pune after 8pm on Fridays could save up to five hours a year.

Pune commuters wasted around 8 days and one hour due to idling on roads in 2019.

The report says October 23 last year saw the worst traffic congestion on Delhi’s streets. One of the major reasons for acute congestion in Delhi was the protest by nearly 200 physically challenged people, who had taken over Mandi House, leaving central Delhi gridlocked. They were demonstrating against the railways for failing to give them jobs.

“We get the data from multiple sources across the globe and in every few seconds, we get updates from nearly 600 million devices,” said TomTom’s strategic business development manager, Vinod Kumar P.

Transport expert Ashok Datar said the number of cars on Mumbai roads has been consistently rising even as road space has remained constant or even shrunk due to Metro and bridge works. As congestion in Mumbai continues to be high, he suggested, “More than flyovers, it is high time Mumbaikars focused on mass transport to reduce cars and thus pollution. Giving up cars and using the Metro, trains and buses is need of the hour,” said Datar. Transportation expert Bina Balkrishnan added encouraging mixed land use such as putting residential, commercial spaces and institutions close to each other can reduce travel demand.