Inaugural Session of the GSDP Course on Green Belt Development for Industries

SPA ENVIS RP on Human Settlements and their Impact on Environment has had the inaugural session of the GSDP Certificate course on, ‘Green Belt Development for Industries’ on 17th February, 2020. The inaugural Session of the course was held at the host institution itself. A total of 25 students had registered themselves for the course out of which 14 students were selected through a personal round of interview. The students are mostly from architecture, planning and basic sciences background.

The session was chaired by

  • Prof. Dr. Meenakshi Dhote, Coordinator, SPA ENVIS RP
  • Prof. Dr. P.S.N. Rao, Director, School of Planning and Architecture
  • Prof. Dr. Mahavir, Dean (Academics)
  • Dr. Anil Kumar, Former Director, Environment Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi 

The inaugural session started at 11:00 AM where students registered themselves and study kits were distributed to them. Prof. Dr. Meenakshi Dhote started the session with her inaugural speech and giving a brief introduction to the students about the course. The students also introduced themselves with a brief introduction about their background and qualification. They also shared their reason and their prospective learning outcomes from this course. The students’ introduction was followed by a brief speech by Director Dr. P.S.N. Rao, Dean (Academics) Prof. Dr. Mahavir followed by Dr. Anil Kumar. All the speakers stressed upon the importance and need of the Green Belts around the current and proposed industrial areas and their mitigating measures. The session ended with a thank you note by SPA ENVIS Coordinator followed by Lunch.