Green zones to rid G Noida of illegal garbage dumps

Noida: 18 Feb, 2019 (Hindustan Times)

GREATER NOIDA: The Greater Noida authority chief executive officer Narendra Bhooshan has directed the horticulture and health department to develop green zones on undesignated dump yards in the city.

The authority has, in the past, planted grass and trees in Greater Noida’s undesignated dumping spots, such as this, in Beta I.

The move comes after several residents complained that unknown people disposed of garbage at undesignated sites across the city.

These sites become not only eyesores, but also pose health risks for people living nearby or passing by these sites, officials said.

“We have decided to develop green spaces at these sites after cleaning the waste dumped there, because it will benefit the general public. If we clean the waste from the sites without developing green spaces, there is a possibility people will start dumping there again,” Bhooshan said.

Bhooshan on Sunday got waste cleaned from a roadside near a gurdwara in Gaur City of Greater Noida West, after requests from residents.

“We have directed the health and horticulture department to clean all such sites and develop green spaces there. We will make green spaces at all such sites across the city,” Bhooshan said.

In the past, the authority has planted grass and trees at five places in Beta I and Alpha II, among other areas, after complaints from residents.

“In Beta I, the Greater Noida authority planted grass and saplings to discourage people from dumping garbage. We also put up a board stating that a penalty will be imposed on anyone found disposing garbage along footpaths, or other areas along roads. We are happy that the authority now wants to do this in all other areas in the city as well,” said Harendra Bhati, a member of Active Citizen Team of Greater Noida, a volunteers group in the city.

“We will continue planting saplings and trees at spaces, where garbage is being dumped in violation of the rules,” said Samakant Shrivastava, general manager of the Greater Noida authority and head of the horticulture department.