Ghaziabad’s air quality to be checked on Diwali

Oct 17, 2016, 07:48 IST

Ghaziabad: In an effort to ascertain air and noise pollution in Ghaziabad during Diwali, the UP Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) has decided to conduct a two-stage analysis later this month. The board will measure levels of pollutants just a few days before Diwali and on Diwali night to carry out a comparative analysis.

The first stage of the study is likely to be conducted two days before Diwali. The exact date will be notified by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) later this week.

"The study will be conducted in two stages. Temporary monitoring stations will be set up in two parts of the city -- in Trans-Hindon and Cis-Hindon areas. Different samples will be collected from these two stations on both dates. These two samples will be compared to arrive at the pollution levels," UPPCB regional officer Paras Nath told TOI.

 Levels of pollutants including oxides of sulphur and nitrogen will be measured from air samples collected at the temporary monitoring stations. The board will also measure levels of PM 10 — suspended particulate matter in air having sizes less than 10 micrometres — in the analysis. The results will be available in the first week of November. 


Scarcity sparks water protest threat

Oct 20, 2016, 07:59 IST

Noida: Given the continuing problem of inadequate and substandard water supply across sectors, the RWA body sought for a concrete remedy to the issue in a letter to authority CEO P K Agarwal on Wednesday. Terming the situation as alarming, the RWA body threatened to go on a protest if the situation does not improve within the next 24 hours.

"We have been receiving innumerable complaints from Noida residents about the low and dirty supply of water. While the water pressure is extremely low, the quality too is poor containing sediments and high total dissolved solids (TDS ) levels," said N P Singh, president of federation of Noida residents welfare associations (FONRWA).

While the residents and RWA office-bearers have been complaining to the concerned officials on a daily basis, the situation is getting worse. "It is the core responsibility of Noida Authority to ensure basic facility to the residents like water supply on a regular basis," said Singh who urged Agarwal to intervene into the matter.

The Ganga water supply has been suspended for a month due to annual desilting work in upper Ganga canal. While sectors 20 and 26 are most affected with only 45 minutes of water supply a day, including dirty water in some blocks, other sectors are receiving 1.5 hours supply as against 3 hours.

According to Lokesh Sharma, a resident of Sector 20, residents are receiving inadequate supply of water for the past five to six days. "Either there's no supply or the water pressure is extremely low. Since yesterday (Tuesday) morning, G block is being supplied water that is black in colour with bad odour," Sharma said.

"There was no supply of water in Sector 26 on Tuesday evening. Add to that there was power outage too. This is the state of affairs in 'world class city - Noida'," jeered Manoj Kesri, RWA executive member club 26.

Mohinder Singh, executive member RWA sector 40, complained of reduced supply to just half hour to 45 minutes in the morning with low pressure. "In the evening there was no supply of water. On Wednesday, the water that we received was yellow in colour. I doubt if the water department even treats the water before supplying," Singh said.