Delhi: 2,000 eco-clubs from schools & colleges to help in pollution fight

Delhi: 4 May, 2022 (Times of India)


NEW DELHI: As part of its summer action plan to deal with pollution, the Delhi government’s environment department has roped in around 2,000 eco-clubs from schools and colleges. Members of these eco-clubs will create awareness on plastic pollution, reuse of waste and carbon footprints and achieving zero garbage waste in schools.

A senior official of the department said, “From April to September, we have planned different activities to involve eco-clubs to raise awareness on different issues related to the environment. After the onset of winter when the pollution levels are at their peak, the eco-clubs will again be involved to raise awareness.”

The focus will be mainly on waste management and maintaining a clean and green environment. Officials said awareness workshops on how lifestyle impacts the environment like switching off the lights in school when not in use and taking a minute to hear silence will be organised. “They will be taught on reusing waste material and preparing products out of waste. For achieving zero garbage concept in schools and colleges, training programmes on how to manage and segregate waste will be organised. Apart from plantation drive within and outside the campuses, the members of eco-clubs will be asked to beautify selected roadside areas with plants. They will be involved in maintaining herbal gardens in their campuses,” said an official.

Due to the pandemic, the eco-clubs were non-functional for nearly a year. However, they were made functional last year and the authorities have now decided to actively involve them for environmental conservation.