IIT studies how to pick med waste disposal firm

Delhi: 27Feb, 2022 (Times of India)

New Delhi: Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi have conducted a study on how to select a sustainable medical waste disposal firm, especially in times of the Covid-19 pandemic when healthcare waste of infectious compositions like masks and PPE kits have increased.
The research paper, titled “Selection of Healthcare Waste Disposal Firms Using a Multi-Method Approach,” by professor Surya Prakash Singh and his collaborator Ankur Chauhan from Jaipuria Institute of Management, shows the path to facilitate hospitals with a real-time decision support framework, considering numerous criteria and constraints for the selection of healthcare waste disposal firms.

“The aim of the study is to propose a decision support framework to tackle safe disposal of hazardous and infectious healthcare waste. The study shows a direction to hospital management in selecting economically, socially and environmentally sustainable waste disposal firms,” explained Singh, who is from IIT Delhi’s department of management studies.

According to the study, key factors to look into while determining a firm are the technology available with the outsourcing firm for disposal and recycling of the HCW and the instruments and vehicles available with the firm for collection of waste.

The risk associated with handling and disposal of HCW; capacity planning for recycling HCW collected by the outsourcing firm; and the manpower of the firm are some of the other aspects to look out for, the study said.

“The decision model proposed by the study empowers hospitals in the selection of the right firm for HCW disposal in a rational manner, reducing confrontations between various stakeholders like hospitals, HCW firms and environmental regulatory bodies like the Central Pollution Control Board, thus creating a situation of peaceful co-existence,” Singh said.