SUBJECT : An Interactive Session on Imparting Academic Awareness to the Students in the field of ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES Webinar Report 

 Interactive Virtual Session on ‘Imparting Academic Awareness to Students in the Field of Environment Education’

Session Report-Organized on the occasion of the "World Environment Day- 2021"

SPA ENVIS RP on Human Settlements and Their Impact on Environment

Hosted by School of Planning and Architecture



SPA ENVIS RP on Human Settlements and their Impact on Environment, on the event of WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY, 2021 has organized and Interactive Virtual Session on Imparting Academic Awareness to School Students in the field of Environmental Education. The session focussed on the school students from class 10th-12th. This virtual meet intended to assist the students in developing meaningful educational goals that would be consistent with their personal interests, values and abilities.

The virtual meet was based on two basic principles:

Developmental Advising-Emphasizing on helping students to explore and select Environment and other as a subject as per the present scenario (especially to PANDEMIC and Human sustenance), career prospects and life goals and pathways, and develop problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Inflexible Advising- Focussing primarily on providing students with information directly related to their academic program and progress in past and present, such as academic policies, major/program requirements and course selection. Inflexible advising is normally initiated by the student as the goal of this approach is to address immediate questions to facilitate the student’s progress through their academic program, rather than play a role in helping the student form long-term goals beyond their academic pursuits.

The session was held on 07th June, 2021 from 04: 30PM-06:00PM

Participating Schools:

1.      Vidya Niketan Public School

Block F, Nanak Pura, Moti Bagh, New Delhi


2.      Darbari Lal D.A.V Model School

BN Block, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi


3.      St. Mark’s Girls Sr. Sec. School

A Block, Meera Bagh

New Delhi


4.      Darshan Academy

Kirpal Ashram, Sant Kirpal Singh Marg

Vijay Nagar, New Delhi- 110009

Speakers for the Session:

1.      Prof. Dr.Meenakshi Dhote

Coordinator, SPA ENVIS RP and Head, Dept, of Environment Planning

School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi 

2.      Dr. Kalidas Chaudhary

Executive Director

Greenindia Consulting Pvt.Ltd.


3.      Dr. Faiyaaz Khudsar

Scientist In-Charge

Yamuna Biodiversity Park, New Delhi

4.      Dr. Neetu Rani

Assistant Professor

School of Environment Management, GGSIPU 

5.      Dr. A.K. Haritash

Associate Professor

Deptt. Of Environment Engineering

Delhi Technological University

6.      Mrs. Monika Sachdeva

PGT Biology and Academic Coordinator

Darshan Academy School, New Delhi

Insights of the Session

The session discussed about the various academic and career options available for students, not only from the Science field but also from the Humanities and Commerce Streams. The speakers focused on the students building their career and future towards Environment Education from the early stages so that they may be able to have a bigger and clear picture about the best career option available for them in the field of Environment. They focused that if the students are truly interested in studying a discipline that is truly interdisciplinary and encourages exploration of the social sciences, humanities, arts and natural sciences, they should consider education in Environmental Studies. They also stressed upon the fact that the students should be absolutely sure of them having a thorough understanding of environmental issues around themselves, should keep them up-to-date on environmental books and other resources, and learn about the issues affecting their society. It was also mentioned that the students should chose an issue, educated and engage themselves along with their community, family, and friends by developing a meaningful conversation about the issue’s urgency and importance. They stressed that by engaging the community in the thoughtful and meaningful conversation about saving and securing a safer environment, we are not only promoting environmental awareness, but may also find opportunities to participate in community projects or to get involved in other related causes.

Career Options available in the field of Environmental Sciences as discussed by the speakers



Questions received from the Students during registration


Question 1: Are these courses beneficial as foundation courses prior to a bigger course?

Student’s Name: Vanshika Banga

School Name: ST.Mark’s Girls’ Sr. Sec. School


Question 2: How can we reduce waste on Earth?

Question 3: What if everyone in the world stopped recycling?

Question 4: How is upcycling beneficial for the environment?

Student’s Name: Mannat Behl

School Name: St. Marks Girls Sr. Sec. School

Class: 10th


Question 5: If a child wants to become a wildlife photographer what are the things he should focus on?

Student’s Name: Raunak Raj

School Name: Vidya Niketan Public School

Class: 9th


Question 6: If we want to pursue a career in the field of Environmental Sciences, don’t you think going abroad would be a more viable option, considering the fact that labs and opportunities for research are better there, as compared to that in India?

Student’s Name: Mahika Gupta

School Name: St. Mark’s Girls Sr. Sec. School, Meera Bagh, New Delhi

Class: 12th

Some statistics and valuable feedback contents for reference.


●          Name of the School


Suraj Bhan DAV Public School

DTU, Delhi

St. Mark's Girls Sr. Sec. School

St Marks Girls Sr Sec School


vidya niketan public school

Berhampur University

Punjab technical University


Vidya Niketan Public school

Vidya Niketan Public School

School of Planning and Architecture Delhi

St. Mark's Girls Sr. Sec. School

*      What were your key take away from this event?

Ø  Environment issues and solutions

Ø  Awareness about job opportunities

Ø  Dr. Anil's presentation was very resourceful.

Ø  The theme for 2021 World Environment Day 'Ecosystem Restoration' was explained in a great manner. I learnt that even the field of Environmental Sciences can prove to be an excellent career option.

Ø  Environmental knowledge is vital and important we all have to learn this....

Ø  It gives ideas about job opportunities and helps to build a great career in environmental education

Ø  About environment

Ø  Gained Knowledge on Environment & it's Conservation

Ø  Knowledge of various career options in the field of Environment Education

Ø  Need to correct past mistakes, make peace with environment through restoration recycling, reduce, reuse, recreate and refurbishing and channelizing the vast information that is available in the digital and print environments into knowledge and implementing them on ground to protect environment

Ø  My takeaways were that we don't only have options like doctors or engineers or ca, but we can be someone closely related to the environment. There are many more options for a career in the environment, be it a teacher, an environmentalist, an environmental law, than i thought. And of course the 5Ps need to be remembered .And I would really like to think about it after 12th.

●          Any additional comments regarding the sessions or overall agenda?

Ø  It was very informative

Ø  The session was commendable and informative. In the near future, I intend to attend more number of such sessions.

Ø  Very nice I have learned many things

Ø  Thank you

Ø  Very Knowledgeable & Informative Webinar

Ø  Well organized

Ø  N/A

Ø  The distinction between the different fields need to clarified to students

Ø  It was a really informative session as in many things that were told, i was not aware of them. All teh speakers had very deep and profound knowledge. It was a pleasure attending the session. And i would really look forward to these options. Thank you so much for the session. in my future too.