SUBJECT : 18th May 2021 Webinar Report  

Brief Report of Webinar on

‘Culture and Heritage legacy of Delhi and Sikkim’

“Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat” (EBSB), a programme dedicated to strengthen the communal harmony and integrity of all Indian states and UTs in favour of unity, shares and care different aspects of Cultural heritage mainly culture, traditions, knowledge, artistic expressions and preservation of nature. Conserving the context of EBSB, a virtual interactive meet on ‘Culture and Heritage Legacy of Delhi and Sikkim’ was conjointly organised by SPA ENVIS RP, Sikkim ENVIS Hub and WWF ENVIS RP on 18th May 2021, supported by Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC). The webinar was aimed at providing the opportunity to bridging the cultural differences of Delhi and Sikkim.  

The event was conducted on Zoom platform and was also hosted live on YouTube, which accommodated 500 plus registered participants, predominantly Teachers and Students from different schools of Delhi and Sikkim.

During the first session, Dr Mehebub Sahana from WWF ENVIS RP, gave a brief presentation on the concept of Earth System – Science and Geographical Diversity of Delhi and Sikkim. Followed by the outstanding and impeccable presentations detailing the culture and heritage of Delhi and Sikkim, which were respectively presented by Mr Raunak Raj, Class X student of Vidhya Niketan School and Mr Kezia Chettri Class X student from Government SSS Singtam, East Sikkim.  

Mrs Meenakshi Sharma, Eco Club teacher In charge of Vidhya Niketan School, and Shri Lomas Dungel, Green teacher from Government SSS Makha briefed their eco club activities and its potential is serving the environment.   

A brief presentation on the compilation of posters made by the students of Delhi and Sikkim schools to showcase and admire their innate talent and thoughts in preserving the Cultural heritage, was also witnessed during the session.

A few doubts, queries and questions were also considered during the interactive session. Approx. 25 questions were posted by the students on the Zoom panel, which were answered by the experts from the WWF ENVIS RP, SPA ENVIS RP and Sikkim ENVIS hub during the event duration.

Shri Rajen Pradhan, Sr. Programme Officer from Sikkim ENVIS Hub made a short deliberation emphasizing on cultural exchange programmes. He also conveyed his sincere thanks to all the participating ENVIS Centers and Schools during the session.

During the Valedictory Session, Prof. Dr Meenakshi Dhote, Coordinator, SPA ENVIS RP and Head of the Department of Environmental Planning at School of Planning and Architecture concluded the interactive meet with hearty remarks deliberating on culture based understanding and development to format the protection of environment. She also emphasized the potential of younger generation and students to take forward the cause of Sustainable Development through various aspects of Cultural Heritage.

Ms Harsimran Kaur, Information Officer (SPA ENVIS RP) was the event moderator. With appreciable participation by the Students & Teachers and sincere contribution and support by the staff of WWF ENVIS RP, SPA ENVIS RP and Sikkim ENVIS hub, the event was a grand success.

The statistic of google feedback forms has reflected the magnitude of the event’s victory, which were duly filled by approx. 87 participants during the webinar. The graphical presentation of the responses states that 59 participants were highly satisfied with the event at 68.7% level and 57 were extremely satisfied with the session content at 65.5% level. The additional comments regarding the overall agenda were commendable that projected the event a very informative, effective, interesting and relevant platform to get acquainted with the right knowledge for right act for the perseveration and sustenance of culture and environment.