Greeting from SPA EIACP

Dear All

As we all know, ‘Urban October’ is an initiative that was born with the aim of raising awareness, promoting participation, generating knowledge, and engaging the international community in creating a better urban future. Lifestyle for the Environment (LiFE) was introduced as an international mass movement towards “mindful and deliberate utilisation, instead of mindless and destructive consumption” to protect and preserve the environment. Merging the concepts of ‘Urban October’ and ‘LiFE’ we, at SPA-EIACP programme centre are conducting a short survey to understand the probable transformational changes and improvements in the life of the inhabitants of Urban Areas with the implementation of the concept of LIFE (Lifestyle for Environment).

We request you to kindly fill in the response and also feel free to circulate it widely

* Last Date of Submission: 31st October, 2022

English Questionnaire Link: :

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