Greeting From SPA-EIACP Programme Center!
As we know, the concept of Urban October was developed by the United Nations to raise awareness, exchange expertise and promote participation for a better urban future. This year’s Urban October will focus on growing inequalities and challenges in cities under the theme ‘Act Local to Go Global’
  • Round Table Event- 20th October, 2022
Topic: Urban Waste Management & It's Implications on LIFE (Lifestyle for Environment)
Session Timings: 02:30PM - 03:30 PM

Speaker-1: Ms. Paramita Dutta Dey, Sr. Research Officer & Project Coordinator
Swacch Bharat Mission- Solid waste Management (SBM-SWM)
National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi
Time: 02:40 PM - 03:00 PM

Speaker-2: Dr. N. Majumdar, Honorary Director General, SULABH International, Delhi (Brief Profile Details Attached)
Time: 03:10 PM-03:20 PM

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